Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Puppies are sooooo cute

You have to admit that puppies are cute no matter how old they are.  Here are a couple of pictures of Lash nursing her 1 week old babies.  The other 2 pictures are of Teddy and Smudge (aka Taft) trying to sneak into the dishwasher.  Ok, they did manage to get in there while I was getting the camera.


Fun in the "sun"

Ok, so it was semi sunny today, but I will take it.  Our weather can't make up it's mind.  One minute it is snowing and the next the sun is out.  The dogs love running in any type of weather.
It is just much cleaner in dry weather.  :-)
While looking at and petting the 2 Jen x Mick kids we have here I noticed that Smudge (aka Taft) is a sable.  Not only does he have sable hairs on his head, but the sable colored hairs are really starting to come in on his back.  Teddy and Taft are waiting for the right herding or performance home to come along.