Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brew aka Brewster Rooster

Here are some recent pictures of Brew. He is the boy I kept from my Skarlet x Rock litter. I absolutely adore this boy. He totally gets it when it comes to dog language and manners. This allows him to hang out with the group. He has potty trained himself. When he is running loose in the house, he will take himself out the doggie door and into the backyard if he needs to go potty and then back in he comes. He is only 4 months old.
Brew was doing good on his recalls until today. I think he has hit the adolescent stage and now is dragging a long line when out in the field.
I can not wait to see what he is like on sheep. I am hoping that he will be ready to train next year and I can maybe think about running him in Nursery. Time will tell though.