Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Running Dogwalk 2

Today was our second session fro running dogwalk. It has been very windy here the past few days, so no training until today.
I learned something very interesting with Singe today. I started the plank work with Singe last fall and gave up over the winter. The reason I gave up is that he was constantly jumping over the end of the board. After watching videos of running dogwalk training all winter long I figured out what I wanted to see. It just wasn't happening with him and he is still jumping over the yellow. Watch in the freeze frame pictures. Then there was this one clip where Singe accidentally ran along side the plank instead of on top of it. The little bugger ran in perfect rotary gait and it was beautiful. So, my conclusion is that he is seeing the yellow on my plank (teeter plank on the ground). He goes into collection right at the middle of the plank and then extends out and over the entire yellow section.
Tomorrow's session will be 10 reps of him running along side the plank instead of him on it. If this works I will then switch to a solid colored plank or foam mats.