Saturday, February 12, 2011

Singe Running Mat 1

Well, as those who watched the last training video for our running contacts know that Singe was leaping the last section of the plank. VERY frustrating! I went and bought these foam mats as they are wider and I could make them longer than the plank and I could vary the color pattern as it seemed he was leaping when he saw the yellow on the plank.
The first couple reps I had 7 squares as this made it the same length as my plank and he was leaping at the end. I added an 8th square and this seemed to help. At first he would leap every now and again, but he seemed to settle into a rhythm. I plan on keeping the 8 squares until he can run this length with absolutely no problem. I will then go to 7 squares. Once he can do this I will move him to the plank again. I have some ideas for down the road.
I did not video Havoc and Rave as I moved the plank to a new location in the field and had to start from ground zero. I will move it every couple of days until they can run it perfect in any location. I will then gradually raise the plank.