Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sheep Thrillz (First and Last)

The Sheep Thrillz trial was Havoc's first USBCHA trial and Mick's last USBCHA trial.  After taking about a 5 year break from trialing I am back and so happy to be trialing again.  Mick is over 9 years old now and I wanted to trial him one more time.  
The sheep at this trial were quite tough.  No one was able to get a pen all day on Thursday (Pro-Novice, Ranch, Nursery and Novice).  These sheep would run in any direction they felt like, string out and go in opposite directions, and challenge the dogs.  The dogs that did best were the ones who would stay off their stock, but also cover at the same time.
We had 2 runs on Thursday for both Mick and Havoc.  Mick ended up in 7th, just out of the money, on the first go around.  I retired him on the 2nd run as it was in the mid 90s and he was having a hard time keeping up with the fleeing sheep.  I wasn't going to gain anything from it, so I called it good.  
Havoc got 1st in her first go around.  These sheep were tough for the young dogs as they were the same sheep being used for all of the other classes.  On her 2nd run I ended up leaving the post as she did not spot her sheep.  They set them right next to a panel and she could not see them for the life of her.  Poor girlie!
They did not give out awards until today and we left this morning.  Havoc's awards should be coming home with Karen tomorrow.
Speaking of Karen Child, she got in the double lift with both of her dogs, Jim and Rock.  (side not, Skarlet is bred to Rock and due in a few weeks).  They are taking the top 4 dogs from each day and then 12 more with the top combined scores for the double lift on Sunday.  Derek Fisher laid down a hell of a run and was 1st.  Karen's Jim was 2nd, Brian Riccard was 3rd and Karen and Rock were 4th.  I can't wait to hear how it goes.
We had a lot of fun being at the trial and seeing some faces from the past.  Laura Withnell made Connor's day by giving him a stuffed Border Collie.  Connor has named it Fly and would not let it off of the leash (bailing twine) all Friday.  He carried that dog everywhere he went and even slept with it.  Thanks Laura!!

The really nice thing about being at a herding trial vs an agility trial is the way people  act with their dogs.  There is no "get your dog away from my dog" etc.  We had about 30 BCs running int he field the other night and not a one had a problem.  We had dogs from 8 months old on up to 14 years old.  Nice to be able to have dogs act like dogs and not treated like 4 legged humans.

I will upload my pictures and post them later.

Off to clean out the motorhome now.