Monday, January 26, 2009

Check In Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be a fun day with Havoc and Singe's puppies.  It will be their first meal consisting of ground turkey, yogurt and a little goats milk.  I will take pictures an/or video depending on how quick they gobble it up.  Our past litters have inhaled this meal in about 30 to 60 seconds.

The puppies are getting VERY active now.  They bark at each other and they bark at Murray and I when we are in my office or the kitchen.  They are really playing and wrestling with each other too.  We will start their potty training this week as they will now be getting one meal a day for the next week.

The puppies have a few Nannies that watch over them when Havoc is not their.  Lash seems to be the one who never wants to leave the puppy pen.  Singe and Skarlet are also in there watching the puppies.  It was funny when the puppies were about a week old.  Skarlet was interested in seeing what the puppies were, so I lifted a puppy up to her so that she could smell it.  She took off like a bat out of hell.  I about fell on the floor laughing.  Now she looks in on the puppies and isn't freaked out over the noises they make.  Singe, he just loves all puppies and even goes in there with them.  I have caught Grandma Jen licking a few puppy butts lately. Once a mom always a mom.  :-)

It had snowed all weekend which means snow on the ground today.  After back surgery I try not to work dogs in the snow for fear of falling and wrenching my back.  So, today the dogs had tons of running because chores take longer in the snow and then I take them out a lot more during the day because they don't hang out in the backyard as much.  We have an entire chest freezer of meat and bones from our butcher, so the dogs got HUGE bones to gnaw on in the dog room.  I took some pictures and video of them because I absolutely love to watch dogs rip and tear at meat and bones.  I have to download the pictures off of my camera tonight and then if there are any good ones I will post them.

Till tomorrow's fun.....