Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where have I been??? With the new guy in my life!

Yes, Murray and I are still happily married.  We have a new boy in our life now.  Oh my the house is full of testosterone with Murray, Connor and Riley.  Poor me, the only female in the household.
Riley was born August 7 and I was totally unprepared.  He was not due for another week, so we were planning on finishing his bedroom that weekend and I had not written out the dog instructions for my parents who were coming up from California.
Well, I had to wake hubby up at 2:30 am on Saturday and tell him my water broke.  I then had to make the phone call to my parents at that time (they were still in CA) and tell them they should plan on leaving and driving straight up here asap.  After the phone call I sat down and wrote out the dog and puppy instructions.  It is very hard to concentrate at 3:00 am, but I did it.  I then cleaned the house because we all know you can't leave for the hospital with dirty floors.  :-)
Riley was born around 3:00 am on Sunday morning. My parents were able to make it up here in time and they brought Connor to the hospital in time to see his baby brother born.
Riley was 19" and 7.1 lbs.
I am having so much fun and enjoying raising Riley as he is our last one.  It is hard at times managing the house, Connor, Riley, Murray, the dogs and stuff on the ranch, but heck I am 10 lbs lighter then when I got pregnant, so it has been a great diet.
Most of my posting of my happenings have been done on Facebook because I don't have tons of time to sit down in front of the computer and blog.  
Here are some pictures of the new guy in my life.

Newborn Riley

Riley and his big brother, Connor

1 week old

Papa, Grandma and Riley

Saturday morning cuddle session with the 2 boys

Riley's sucky blanket

Riley at 5 weeks old.  He has so much expression now.