Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CERF Clear

7 puppies, one 4 year old and me loaded into the van. 7 puppies scream until our first stop at the bank. Then we start again and more screaming, but not as loud and not as many puppies. 2nd stop made to my normal vet for some things and everyone comes out to look at the puppies. All puppies and kid are quiet because everyone is getting attention. Off we go to the eye specialist and now puppies are a little quieter, but Shale needs it known that she is in the van. How do I know it is her because she is 1 of the 3 puppies in the top crate and she is climbing the cage as she is barking. 20 minutes into trip all is quiet. Stop at McDonald's to get Connor a cheeseburger and puppies start to scream. Off to the specialist and by the time we got there all puppies were sound asleep. Bring 2 crates full of puppies in to vet and some started to whimper, but were too tired to make a fuss. Fill out paper work and load everyone into the exam room. Everyone sleeps and vet has to make silly noises to get the puppies to keep their eyes open during the test. Shale and Brew were the ones who had to lick the vet, her tools etc. All puppies passed their CERF test and load puppies back in van. Make a stop to pick up dog chicken and Connor says P.U. what stinks.? Ah oh, first tootsie roll. Thank goodness I feed raw because it does not stink like kibble fed puppies. Get home and find that one puppy went potty in bottom crate, but not bad only 2 poops out of 7 puppies. One puppy did pee on me as I was carrying them out to the grass.

Is it bed time yet???