Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Havoc Had Her Puppies

Havoc's temperature was holding at 99.5 all of the weekend.  That is until Sunday night, right before bed it dropped to 98.2.  I knew she wouldn't have them until sometime on Monday, so I put a crate right next to my bed so that I could hear if anything went on.  Havoc nested all night long and I would occasionally shine the flashlight on her to make sure she wasn't having contractions. 
I was able to whisk Connor to daycare Monday morning and I brought Havoc in the van with us. She just laid under the bench seat.  We came back home and I had to put the garbage out before the garbage truck came.  I locked Havoc in her whelping pen and took the dogs outside with me.  Havoc wasn't having any of that, so I let her come along.  She actually ran around a bit.  I figured I went for a long walk right before I went into major labor with Connor, so this would help Havoc.  
We came back in and I put Havoc in her pen.  I guess the running around helped because  she started having puppies at 9:50 am.  WOW, my first day litter since Kate's first litter 7 1/2 years ago.  Havoc's puppies came about 1 puppy per hour with a couple a little closer together.  Havoc had her 6th puppy at 2:00 pm.  We ended up with 3 girls and 3 boys.
Havoc and puppies are doing great.  This is Havoc's first litter and she is an awesome mommy. She only leaves them when I beg her to go potty or when she takes a few bites of food or a drink of water.  Otherwise she is laying with them nursing on her.
Connor was soooo happy when he came home and Havoc had her puppies.  He is so good with them and is so gentle.  He talks to them in such a sweet voice.

I will take individual pictures today and post some of them here and also on my website www.hillcrestbordercollies.com

Here is Havoc with her puppies.

This is the group.

These are the boys

These are the girls