Friday, March 20, 2009


All of the Havoc x Singe puppies have been leaving to their new homes. Half left when they were 8 weeks and then 2 left these last couple of days. Trouble is the only puppy that is looking for a home. I have been enjoying spending time with him after his littermates have left. He is a very sweet boy that loves attention. He has been running with the big dogs off and on lately. He goes running in the front field with all of our other dogs. He tracks the ball about 30 feet and will retrieve it back to me. This is all amongst the big dogs. When he is hanging in the backyard he does not bother the older dogs and he and Fusion (3/4 sister to Trouble) love to play. He seems to be very mature for his age.
We will have fun with him until he finds the right home.