Monday, August 10, 2009

Training Session (Agility)

My good friend Christie came down from Washington to do some agility training this last weekend.  I am so glad that she did because we both pushed each other to train more in 2 days than we have been lately.  I mainly concentrated on Lash and Risk, but I did do some with Singe and Fusion.  As some of you know Singe had a hamstring injury that made me pull him from any training and running for quite some time.  I brought him back with swimming and slowly let him run.  I did agility with him this last weekend for the first time in about 2 months.  It seems that 15 minutes of training is too much for his hamstring to handle.  He can run and swim to his heart's content, but it seems that a lot of jumping and pushing is bothering it.  My plan is to do 5 minutes of training with him on each day that I can.  I will slowly increase it up and see how he does.  
Fusion is a kick in the pants to run and train.  She is still a puppy/young dog, but she is very quick twitch and game.  She is a true combination of her mom and dad.

Here is a video of Risk and Lash's training from Saturday.  I still have video to upload, but I need to go out and mow for now.
If you want to see a bigger version of this video you can go to our You Tube Page

You Tube took out our music, so this one on Blogger is the "cool one".