Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Skarlet the Princess

Apparently Skarlet thinks that since she is pregnant that she is now the food princess. She about had be paranoid this past weekend when she decided that she was not eating chicken backs. I then tried some of our dry food, Taste Of The Wild, and she was for sure not eating that. I, of course, then went and bought her Fresh Pet, a slightly cooked meat and vegetable mixture for dogs. Any dog that has gone off of their food has always loved this. Ohhhhh nooooo, Skarlet would pick at it. Grrrrr! So, today I defrosted some chicken necks and fed them to the dogs for dinner. I started Skarlet out on 4 because I just knew she wasn't going to eat. Yah right, the princess inhaled the necks. 4 more went in her bowl and she scarfed those down. So, I think she is on a chicken neck diet "for now".
I now feel a lot better knowing that she at least ate something. After the hole thing with Risk, I am a little on the paranoid side with my girls who get bred. Skar's temp was always normal, but still she wasn't eating.
I have a couple more cases of necks in the freezer along with backs. I will have to place another order of necks, so that I don't run out for Princess Skarlet.

Sleeping a lot better tonight knowing prego has eaten.