Saturday, December 13, 2008

What Keeps You Grounded?

My dogs keep me grounded.  We have been going through some ups and downs here with both of our Grandmas not doing good.  What is nice is I always have the dogs to make me smile.  If it is working them in herding, agility or just watching them be dogs, they always bring me back down to earth and say "It is OK".

This is a normal morning with Skarlet on my chair and Singe in the couch.  Miss Skar loves to get in my chair as soon as I get up to do something.  Singe can either be found on the couch or in Murray's chair.

I love these next 2 pictures because they involve Kate still playing with the pack.  Kate is 10 1/2 years old and has come into her second puppy hood.  She and Lash have this game, I can not explain it to a tee, that the play when all of the dogs are running.  Lash goes behind me and takes off with Kate on her behind.  They then meet up and do this mouthing thing, all in play.  If you saw it as an outsider you would think one of them is mad at the other.  This is Kate's way of playing with her grand daughter.

Skarlet doing her famous watch over Havoc.  You can not see Havoc in the picture, but it is usually Havoc laying by my feet and Skar waiting for Havoc to take off running.  Game on!!! One day I will actually capture it on camera or video.

Run Nan, Run!!!! (Jen x Singe)

Risk escaping the pack of wild dogs on her butt.

Lash does this mouthing with Lash too.  It is the same game that she plays with Kate.  Lash and Havoc are 1/2 sisters.

Rosie is running so fast that her tongue won't stay in her mouth.

Oh no, the pack of wild dogs are on Risk's butt again.

I love getting pictures of pack line ups.  This is part of our pack and it is truly a line of pack order.  Yes, we are missing a few dogs, but I can basically insert them into the line if need be.
Line up goes Singe, Mick, Lash, Havoc and Skarlet.  If the other dogs were in the line up then it would be Kate before Singe, Jen after Mick and Risk after Jen.  Then there is little Fusion running around the dogs.  I have a sneaking feeling that Fusion will be somewhere at the front of the pack.  Oh Lord have mercy on me!

Singe always seems to have fun no matter what he is doing.  I wish I could have his attitude in life.

I have been having a good time training dog is herding and agility.  I am hoping to set up the tri pod next week during some agility training.  Maybe I can talk Murray into breaking away from work here (so much to do) on the weekend and video taping Skar and Risk training on sheep.

Til' Next Time,