Monday, October 12, 2009

Rumor X Singe Puppies @ almost 4 weeks

I know, I know I have not blogged, but I have been so busy with dogs and family stuff. Plus the puppies were at that not so cute stage. At least for taking pictures.
The puppies are really starting to come alive. They are playing with toys and learning how to use the potty box. They had a very short trip outside to take pictures. It was not the warmest day today and a tad bit of wind.
I got some great video of the puppies today, so instead of updating my website tonight I will go edit video.

It is quiet around here tonight as Skarlet has gone to stay with Karen Child for a bit. This way she will get EVERYDAY work and training. Skarlet has really become part of our family and both Murray and I miss her tonight. We know she is in great hands and will love working everyday. Our sheep were eaten by coyotes and we are still looking for replacement sheep.

Here are pictures of the Rumor x Singe puppies at almost 4 weeks of age.

Bock (male)

Porter (male)

Stout (male)

Ale (female)

Amber (female)

Abbey (female)

Transport from Cynosports to the NW

I am trying to arrange transport of a Border Collie for a couple of my friends. If there is anyone out there that is going to be coming back to the Northwest from Cynosports that would be willing to transport an almost 2 year old Border Collie, please contact me
The dog, Storm, will be right on site and the owners will help with gas money. The new owner would be willing to travel up to Washington to pick the dog up if needed.
This is a dog I bred and is coming back to Oregon to be a herding dog and live with his actual Grandma. :-)