Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Havoc x Singe puppies @ 1 day old

Havoc and Singe's puppies are 2 days old today.  I took these pictures of the puppies last night. I will get some newborn video of them tomorrow.  Not much to see, but squeaking etc.   
Connor can not keep himself out of the pen.  He loves to set them on his lap and to also put each puppy on his doggie.  Doggie has been with us since Connor was 1 month old.  Doggie looks very similar to Jen, Havoc's mom, but he has a little brown tinge to him in his white areas.
All puppies are nursing well and Havoc is a great mommy.  Havoc does need to RUN several times a day and then she is content to lay with her puppies for hours on end.  It is amazing how mother nature takes over on something that has never had puppies before.

The Girls from left to right (Ravage, Chaos, Riot)

The Boys from left to right (Trouble, Mayhem, Mischief)