Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I have been slacking

Oh boy, I have been slacking on the blog.  We got very busy with our son, dogs and shipping puppies.  All of the Lash x Sooner kids have gone to their new homes across the country.  VooDoo is now in Florida with his uncle MACH Hillcrest 3-2-1 Blastoff (Rockit) and Focus (Risk x Divot '06), Agave (now Agape) is Illinois, Bombay (now Savvy) is also in Illinois, Patron (now Ninja) is in Nebraska, and Pisco (now Spark) is here in Central Oregon.
I have been getting Lash and Risk ready for the USDAA Regional in Oregon this coming weekend.  I haven't taken any video of the dogs training because I have been on my own while training, so it is hard.  Hopefully I will get some in the coming week and weekend as a good friend of mine is coming to visit.  I did have video of Lash and Risk from a USDAA trial the other weekend, but it was very dark because we were in an indoor arena.
I have some new pictures of some of the dogs that I have bred.  They are growing into such nice dogs.  A lot of the young ones are debuting in agility and flyball now.


The first 3 pictures are of Stat (Risk x Divot '06)

The next 3 pictures of the blue merle is Smoke.  He is from our Kate x Sooner litter from '06. Look for his page to be on our website under the males section.  He will be siring a litter in the fall.

The next 2 pictures are of Singe from our Risk x Divot '06 litter.  He is MY boy and a total blast to work with and be around.  He will be siring a litter at the beginning of July.

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