Monday, October 6, 2008

Yeah No Rain

The rain finally stopped here.  Friday and Saturday were just a rainy and muddy mess.  The dogs spent a lot of time in their crates drying off.  Sunday was pretty good with times of sun.  Things finally dried out and the dogs had a blast today, running and swimming.

Havoc going for the scoop up of the ball.  A BC can never slow down to actually get the ball.

Singe and Jen, happily coming back to me.  Singe has the ball.

Singe has to do everything full tilt.  The ball bounced up after one hit of the ground and Singe felt the urge to jump in the air for it so that no one else could get it.

Singe showing off his turning ability and his happy face.

This is the new girl here.  Her name is Skar and she comes from Hay Ewe Border Collies in Idaho.  We have brought her here to our place to see if she will work out as a stock dog for us.  I worked her earlier, just to see how she was.  She was very happy to work and is a good listener. I only worked her in a 1 acre field as I didn't know what she was going to do with me.  I will work her in our big field tomorrow.  This way she can actually fetch the sheep a longer distance and I can do more of an outrun with her.  She is still young as she will be 2 years old in a week and a half.


The water is cold, but the dogs don't care.  If I say they can swim they are 110% for it.  I got some pictures of the dogs jumping in the pond for the ball.  It is very hard to take pictures and throw the ball all by yourself.

Risk is a funny girl as she starts to swim when she is in the air.  It is like she is trying to walk on the water.

Singe is a big leaper and he always extends his body while jumping in the pond.

I am not sure how much "swimming" Skar has done.  She definitely likes the water, but she was hesitant to jump in.  I finally got her to get in when a ball was right in front of her.

Kate @ 10 1/2 years old is still the best leaper of the group.  I was going to enter her in dock diving at Cynosports this year, but I am now going on my own.  Murray will be staying home due to the time off we took to go to Hawaii.  I will be flying out on my own with Lash and Risk. So, Kate can pond dive here instead.

Mick is always game to bring me the ball back at full speed and then plop it at my feet.

Off to train Lash, Risk and Singe in agility.


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