Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm Baaaackkkk

Things got a bit hectic here, so I didn't blog. The Havoc x Singe puppies have been leaving to their new homes. We have 2 more leave on Wednesday and Thursday. Now that they can escape the puppy pen I will be glad that they go to their new owners. We have one male that is still looking for his forever home. Trouble (puppy name) is looking for a performance/working home only. He is very driven and needs to work. He is crate trained and has started on basic training. Boy does he love to work.
Fusion, Jen x Singe, has been progressing nicely through puppyhood. She is now 6 months old and is lovely. She LOVES to work, but also loves to come in and cuddle with us. We have been working on her not helping herself to the sheep. We now have her where she will lay outside of the sheep pen while we do chores. Murray has one heck of an agility and herding dogs on his hands. I think I am a little jealous, AGAIN. Last year I stole his Lash to trial. Who knows if I will giver her back this year. Lash and I made it to the DAM finals at Cynosports and placed up in the top.
I was over at Karen Child's place and took some great pictures of her dogs. We are breeding our Skarlet to Karen's Rock. This litter should produce some very working dogs.
Mick, Havoc and Skarlet also had a great time working at Karen's.
Life has gotten busy lately because Connor is now playing soccer and I am the coach. It is hilarious to watch them play.
I will take new pictures of Trouble and post them.

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Anonymous said...

Ooo... your Skarlet dogs sounds interesting. Beep is a Hanging Tree Cowdog and I love him, but good luck trying to find another one. I was curious what his Border Collies are like.