Saturday, April 11, 2009

Filming a Commercial

As I was doing chores outside yesterday I heard a hovering helicopter. Our property is on the gorge of the Crooked River and we own part of the gorge and then our property continues onto the other side. I looked over there and saw 2 Jeeps racing back and forth and the helicopter flying really low. I finally saw that the helicopter had a HD camera mounted on the front and figured out that they were filming a Jeep commercial.
I decided to go on a hunt to find out if it was true as I knew where they were filming from. Sure enough there were signs for the filming company and I looked them up on line. This company does a lot of the commercials for Toyota, Nissan etc.
So, now I will have to keep my eyes on the t.v. for a new Jeep commercial filmed right on the back side of our property.
Our property was used to film the movie The Postman years back.


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