Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun Weekend

We had a local AKC trial this last weekend.  It was so nice to be done and able to come home and play with the dogs everyday.
I went into the trial with no great expectations for the girls (Lash and Risk).  We have not been practicing steady and I just wanted to have fun.  It was our first trial back since November.  I am also in the midst of retraining Risk's contacts, so I could not uphold any criteria in the ring yet. With Risk, I just wanted to work on handling stuff and running balls to the walls.  I think I accomplished that and I had a blast running her.  Our Saturday EX Standard run was blazing. She did not Q because of missed contact, but she did not step one foot out of place in her run.  She ran that course in 37 seconds.  In EX JWW I blew chunks and put a front cross in somewhere I had not walked it nor planned to put on in.  I just found myself in front and I think my body automatically put one in.  Because I did not walk it, I was not in the correct place and got out of sorts.  On Sunday in EX Standard, Risk knocked the 2nd bar and was before the WP.  I did not know she knocked it until I finished the poles and came back around.  I saw it on the ground then.  I pushed her on her on her running DW and she got it.  By the time she ran in JWW on Sunday the grass was very slippery and she was sliding everywhere.  She even slid half way through the poles.   No Q on that one.  I do have to say that I was very pleased with what she gave me and I know where I am in her contact retraining.
Lash, well she is just such a good girl.  She has not done much AKC, so she was still in Open. She got 3 out of 4 Q's and all of them were first places.  She knocked a bar before the weave poles in Saturday's JWW.  Her contacts were great and I will stay with 2o2o with her.  She is now in EX A Standard.
I did not enter Singe because he came up lame a little while ago.  I rehabbed him a little with rest and swimming, but he came up lame again.  After being looked at, it is determined that he has injured his hamstring.  I found some stretches I can do with him from
So, I would say he is off of any agility training for a month.  I think I will do some obedience stuff with him so that I can keep his mind from going crazy.
We are off to a USBCHA herding trial this week.  I am running Havoc and Mick and I am very excited.  I put the crates in the motorhome and now I have to figure out the other stuff (kid and dog).

Back to work I go.

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