Thursday, July 23, 2009

Skarlet x Rock Puppies (1 day old)

Skarlet is doing awesome with her puppies.  She left them a couple times today to come out and exercise.  I always let the moms decide when they want to come out and run with the other dogs.  Skar made it apparent that she was wanting out with us.  Who could miss her barking/screaming at the front window.
The puppies are all doing good.  All of them are nursing and sleeping.  They even started to crawl/slither today.  Skarlet is a very primal mother and will move her puppies by picking them up her mouth.  I even got it in a picture.
The sire of this litter is named Rock, so we thought it would be great to have the litter them of different rocks.  I did not want ordinary rock names, so I did some searching on the web.

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Jasmine said...

AW! They are soo cute! I love Beryl!