Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pupdate (overdue)

I am overdue for puppy pictures. We have had a  lot going on here. The puppies are 4 1/2 weeks old now. They are really coming into themselves and are at the fun stage. Today was a great day for the puppies' 1st day outside.  I set up the puppy pen on the grass and let them run around before putting them in the pen.  There was not one puppy that didn't want to explore.  This is cool, especially for their 1st time outside.
I love laying on the grass and letting the puppies climb all over me.  I think I may even have another piercing in my ear. 
Pelite came and curled up with me and fell asleep.  Nothing better than sleeping with a wee puppy.

I think Skarlet enjoyed nursing her puppies outside today.

Beryl (female)

Jetta (female)

Pelite (female)

Shale (female)

Lava (male)

Skarn (male)

Gneiss (male)

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PureEnvy said...

omg! Brittney! So cute! You cant do this to me! I just got one! haha!