Friday, July 24, 2009

Great Summer Day

The weather was actually pleasurable today with being not too hot and not too cold.  You could actually be outside with out breaking into a major sweat.  As usual the dogs had a blast in the pond.  When Rumor came here a couple of weeks ago she had never swam in anything deeper than a little kiddie pool.  Now the dog is leaping into the pond after the ball.

We have a new pet here and his name is Fluffy.  Connor is responsible for  giving him that name since it is his friend.

Come on in, the water is perfect.

OK, so Singe is not that graceful at times.

I can fly!!

Even old ladies need to take a plunge sometimes. 

Fusion is just like her dad Singe and Grandma Risk.  She loves the water.

I actually got a picture of Risk jumping normal.  Usually when she jumps her legs are running in the air.  

Connor is in the pond just as much as the dogs now a days.

Rumor on the move.

Please don't make me go inside now.

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