Friday, July 31, 2009

A Herdin' We Will Go

Mick and Kate were the chosen ones today.  Pat and Cheryl have a goat ranch out in Bend .  They needed the recently weaning moms moved into another big pasture away from their kids.  My dogs are always willing to work. I just told Murray, the other day, that Mick is officially retired.  Well, nope he is not as he was needed for the job.
It was already in the mid eighties by the time we were moving them this morning.  Luckily there is plenty of water for the dogs to cool off and swim in.  Kate helped herself to the canal as Pat was showing me the path we were going to move the goats.
Kate is waiting IMPATIENTLY  for us to start work.  She kept trying to move them all from outside of the fence and she would bite them through the fence.

When we got to the ranch Kate and Mick had to survey their work.

Kate having a little pep talk with the goats.

Now stand there until we are ready for you to move

I SAID stand there!

And we are off

Pat and Cheryl have 2 dogs from us, so we thought this would be a great photo opportunity.
Left to Right: Scout (Jen x Mick), Kate, Mick, and Spark (Lash x Sooner)
The dogs are showing there control on the dock

And all control must be unleashed at one point

Mr. Handsome, aka Spark

What fine form Spark has

Scout could not be left behind

Uhhhh, where did everyone go?

I just had to take a picture of the bathroom.  Who has a bathroom painted like this down at the barn? 

Some of the kids who were left behind.

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