Thursday, July 9, 2009

Single Mom

I am a single mom until Sunday.  I would never want to be a single mom  permanently.  It is always nice to have an adult that comes home to you for an adult conversation.  It is funny because when the entire family is here, along with the dogs, I fell like I am always going, going, going.  Tonight Murray had to head out of town for business and I am home with Connor (3 1/2 years old) and the dogs.  Ok, so I have our dogs, boarding dogs, rabbit, sheep and horses to care for, but it is too quiet here.
Luckily my friend Lori is coming here tomorrow and will be here for the weekend.  She is bringing Rumor and Wyatt with her and Rumor will stay here for a bit to be bred.  I set up the exercise from CR Back Yard Dogs and will be doing some training this weekend.  We will also train Havoc and Wyatt (littermates) on sheep.
Saturday night should be fun because Lori, Karen and I (maybe Angie?) are having a girl's night out at the Horse Races.  No kid and no dogs, just fun!!!
As I was setting up an agility exercise in the field tonight Connor and the dogs were running around.  I laid down after and just watched them.  I was cracking up at their (dog and kid) antics.  My dogs are sooooooo tolerant of Connor it is not even funny.  The funniest relationship to watch is Connor and Singe.  I do NOT humanize my dogs, but the relationship Connor and Singe have is a love hate relationship, like a brotherly relationship.  They both antagonize each other.  They like to be with each other, but then it turns into a "fight".  I just laugh at them when they are together.  Fusion is kind of like that with Connor, but she is much sweeter about it.  She doesn't antagonize him as much, but they do both bother each other.  And then there is Kate.  Kate just ADORES Connor to no end.  She looks at him with her goo goo eyes and they have a very special relationship.  Kate can do things to Connor that no other dog can.  It is very funny because she is my heart dog.  I love watching the interactions between dogs and kids.

Off to do my motherly duties now.


Anonymous said...

Single mom, at the time of divorce, Zach was a first grader and Meagan was a third grader. So, teach first and second graders all day, then go home to a first and third grader. Some days I think I'd have about 30 minutes of adult time. I LOVED agility class and time with adults! It's hard, but rewarding!

Hillcrest Border Collies said...

When I was teaching I swore I would never have kids. Now it is I will never have kids and teach at the same time. :-)
8:00 couldn't come around quick enough tonight. I love Connor, but he is like 20 BCs all in one (smart, energetic and moody).

Anonymous said...

Lots of people say boys are easier, but in those early years they are NOT! Zach was like Connor too. I hated the moody part. Zach is a very nice young adult now, but he's lucky he made it that far:)