Thursday, July 9, 2009

Great Cleaning Tip

I hate dog hair on carpet.  Ok, I hate dog hair on floors, but this pertains to dog hair on carpet. We still have one room in our house (bedroom) that has carpet.  The day we rip that out is not soon enough.  7/8 of the house used to be carpet when we bought it.  Now it is Pergo and Tile.
So, if you hate dog hair on carpet like I do here is a great tip to get almost all of it up.  Get a spray bottle (buy it at a hardware store) and fill it with about 1/8 to 1/4 fabric softener.  Fill the rest of the bottle with water and shake lightly.  Spray that mixture on your carpet and let dry (about 15 minutes).  Once it has dried then vacuum it up like normal.  The fabric softener releases the static charge of the dog hair and it comes up much easier.  We have a Dyson and this gets even more hair up than the Dyson alone.  Not to mention my room smells soooooo clean after.  I also do this on the recliners where some of the dogs like to catch a nap.
I have also discovered the Pledge Pet Hair "thing".  It is the one where you move it back and forth on your couch and it picks up the hair.  It really does work and I use it almost everyday.

Happy Cleaning

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BCxFour said...

We have the purple pet hair dyson. I am SOOOOO going to try this! Thanks for the tip!