Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Weekend Happenings

I had a pretty good weekend overall.  Murray was out of town on business, but my friend Lori came down, so I wasn't lonely.  
It was super hot on Saturday and we ended up spending quite a bit of time in the pond with the dogs and Connor and our Mike's Harder Lemonade.  :-)  We worked Havoc and Wyatt on the sheep in the morning and I helped Lori with some training stuff for Rumor. 
Lori, Karen and I dropped Connor off at the sitters last night and had a girl's night out in Sisters.  It was actually really nice to hang out with some friends as I don't do it that often.  
Lori left this morning and Murray is now almost home from his business trip.

So, what do you do on a hot day?  You play in the water.  Skarlet is fun to take pictures of because she and Connor love to play in the pool together.  Connor splashes water and she tries to get it.  Connor cracks up the entire time.  Skarlet is about 2 weeks away from having puppies.  She is pregnant with Rock's puppies and I am SUPER excited for the pups to come.
You can see her belly a little in the pictures.  She is such a fit dog and held great form while being pregnant.  I am hoping for at least 6 puppies to be born.  Some boys and some girls would be great.

Rumor is here for a stay with us while she is bred to Singe.  She and Connor have hit it off and she is now his special dog and he has special rules with her that the other dogs don't get to have.  Connor and I were cuddling up on the recliner this afternoon and Rumor hopped up with us.  This is about the time that Connor gets P.O.d and tells the dogs to get off.  He turned to me when Rumor got up and said "Mommy, it is ok, she can lay with us".  He then cuddled with her and made sure she was comfortable.  Boy is he living up to his name.  Connor means Dog Lover.

I actually caught a picture of Rumor standing still for a short period of time.

The next series of pictures are "typical" Rumor.

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